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Scott’s walk for charity.

In our last post, we announced that Scott and Mark are attempting the National 3 Peaks challenge this year. With 5 walkers we decided to go with 5 charities. Scott’s choice was a no-brainer. When he was 2 years old a family moved into our street in Romsey. They had a young boy called Nick, a year older than Scott who suffered from a genetic ailment called Barth Syndrome. We knew very little about this disease and this was common, the syndrome had only recently been discovered and more information was being discovered. This genetic condition affecting only boys can cause the following symptoms: see the medical brochure

● Cardiomyopathy – Heart failure or heart muscle weakness
● Neutropenia – weakness in the immune system (specifically reduced “neutrophils”, a type of white blood cell used in fighting bacterial infections)
● Muscle Weakness and General Fatigue
● Growth Delay – that can be substantial until late teenage years

They became best friends (this is them today)
and so for Scott the opportunity to raise money for his best friends charity which is led by Nick’s mother Michaela is a privilege. Scott is doing something that because of his condition Nick would never be able to do.

Scott is completing the challenge to raise money for Barth Syndrome Trust, a charity that is set up to help diagnosis, fund research and provide support to families with Barth boys.

So far he has been training in the southern uplands of the Scottish borders. A spectacular walk on White Coomb (804m)via the Grey Mares Tail waterfall, the local Tinto Hill (707m), an early morning start on Coulter Fell (748m) & Broad Law (840m), the highest peak in the southern uplands. The weather has thwarted his first attempt at Ben Nevis this easter break, so it looks like his first trip on the three peaks will be for the 24 hour attempt.

Grey Mares Tail

Broad Law
Culter Fell

You can sponsor Scott and the others doing the challenge online by visiting www.sponsor-me.org/3peaks2012
Follow our progress, training and preparations on our Facebook page FB/3Peaks2012 or twitter @3Peaks2012

Scott & Mark to take on the National 3 Peaks Challenge

So time to update on here what is happening on this. Scott and Mark with the help of 4 others from the local church congregation are embarking on the national 3 Peaks challenge at the end of May. The challenge is to hike the highest mountain in Scotland, England & Wales in the 24 hours.

To do so involves over 600 miles of driving, 26 miles of hiking and 10,000 feet of ascent all in 24 hours.

This is being done for 5 charities, one of which is very close to Scott as it is his best friend Nicks charity, Barth Syndrome Trust.

Details on the walk and how to sponsor us are on our sponsor-me page and you can follow our progress on Facebook or twitter

More to follow.


Scott and Dad go diving

On Saturday Scott and I went to Stoney Cove Inland Dive Centre whilst the girls all played together at Paultons Park. 

Read about Scott and Dad at Stoney by clicking here

Scotts First day at School

Wednesday 8th September 2004
Well today has been a very special day.  Today was Scott’s first day at Halterworth school.  Not only was it Scott’s first day at school but it was also Elizabeth’s first day at Ampfield pre-school.  She has already had two days at Chatterbox pre-school this week.  And not only that but Elizabeth also had her first Ballet lesson. 
It all started this morning when the children all got ready and got into the car to take Elizabeth off to Ampfield.  While she was there, Scott’s friend Darcy and her little sister came over to play with Scott and Emily.  Emily has been suffering with Chicken Pox (or chicken spots) just recently, she caught it after both Scott and Elizabeth had it in the last three weeks.  Unfortunately for Emily she has really suffered with it, lots of spots everywhere, poor little thing.  But she is starting to feel better and so was ready to play today.  After a bit of playtime it was time to go and pick Elizabeth up and quickly get some lunch before getting  ready for Scott to go off to school.  He phoned Daddy to say he was off to school and then off he went walking up to school with Mummy, Elizabeth and Emily.  You can see the pictures by clicking here.  After getting to school, Scott went in and he was very happy to be finally going to school since he has been talking about it all summer.  The girls played in the paddling pool while he was there. We picked Scott up at 3.20, he said he’d had a great time, and was pleased that his buddy Adam was there.
But the day wasn’t over then, it was quickly back to the house and into the car to take Elizabeth to her first ballet lesson.  She really enjoyed that, this evening she showed Daddy what she had been practising by standing on her tip toes and straightening her toes.  Very elegant. 
So what a busy day.  Hope you all enjoy looking at our pictures. 

Motor Show, Scott’s first hike

Sunday 13th June 2004

Now it has been a busy couple of weeks since the beginning of June.  Right at the beginning of the month, Granddad B, Scott and Daddy went to the British Motor Show at the Birmingham NEC.  As you can see Scott had a really good time trying out all the cars.  He really liked the MG supercar that they let him sit in.  But his favourite was the Aston Martin stand.  The gentleman on the stand came up to him and asked him which car was his favourite.  He pointed to the new DB9 convertible. To which he replied, a fine choice and handed him a special DB9 key ring and told him to use it when he is 17.  Somehow we think he will want too!!!!
After the motor show, Mummy picked Daddy and Scotty up to drive on to Scotland to visit Grandma and Granddad C.  We arrived very late in the night and woke up in Grandma & Granddad C’s new house in Biggar. On the first day we went to Lanark Loch to play in the park and climb the trees, you can see the pictures by clicking here.  As you can see from the pictures we had a lot of fun playing on the swings and climbing trees.  Granddad C kept falling off the log we were all balancing on, it was very funny.   Also while we were in Scotland we went to visit Aunty Claire and Uncle David who live in Edinburgh.  It was Uncle David’s birthday and so we had a little party for him after  we went to Church with them on the Sunday.  Daddy, Scotty and Granddad C went hiking as well to the top of Tinto Hill (at 2320 feet) which overlooks Granddad’s house.  You can see the pictures here. When we got to the top we all sat down for our food and took some pictures.  What we didn’t realise was that one of the batteries and memory cards for Daddy’s camera fell out of his rucksack.  We realised this when we stopped for break ¾ of the way back down.  So Daddy had to go back to the top.  It took us 2 hours to get to the top the first time and we were an hour back down when we spotted the camera equipment had fallen out.  Daddy ran all the way back up and met Granddad and Scott back down near the bottom a hour later.  Unfortunately Daddy couldn’t walk properly for three days afterwards; he is not as young or as fit as he would like to think!!!!! J  But it was a very fun day and Scotty’s first hike, and a Graham mountain as well, (a hill 2000-2499 feet). 
Yesterday Mummy and Daddy went to Tim and Kate’s wedding, while they were there, Nikki took us children to McDonald’s and to the park so we had a lot of fun.  Then in the evening Nikki had to go to the institute graduation so Jess Kitsell and Sam Siswick came over to baby-sit for the rest of the evening.  This meant that Mummy and Daddy could enjoy their time at the temple with Kate & Tim and then go for a meal afterwards which they like doing.  Maybe sometimes they take advantage of the babysitters eh???

Father & Son Camp

Sunday 16th May 2004
This weekend Scotty and Daddy went camping on the fathers and son camp.  They took their tent and camping stove and had a great time.  Scott was very good and stayed up late playing football and cooking with Daddy.  He was so tired that he didn’t get up till 9.30am and nearly missed breakfast he was that late.   We have put lots of pictures of us camping in the Gallery.  After Daddy and Scott got back from camping it was into the car to go up to the temple.  That was really nice to go to the temple again.  We children were very good as Nikki looked after us.  So it was a late night when we all got back.  Also this week Daddy and Mummy got some new bikes so that we can all go cycling.  Daddy has to fix them first as he got them from a friend. 

Ugly Bug Ball

Sunday 21st March 2004
We have had another busy week, Daddy is still learning on his Scuba Diving course which is taking up his free evenings, so we are only getting to update this on Sunday at the moment. 
Today is Mother’s day and so the children had cards and flowers at the ready for Mummy this morning to wish her Happy Mother’s Day.  Also they made her breakfast of Melon and Orange Juice.  Her main present she had had the day before when Daddy worked all day to lay the new flooring in the kitchen.  Looks very good now says Mummy. 
Scott has been entertaining us with his new song, the Ugly Bug Ball which he debuted at the hospital entertaining Aunty Lindsay.  He has also performed it for camera and at the Siswicks.  Mummy can’t help show him off and thankfully he doesn’t get too embarrassed, just yet anyway. The video clip is available for download as an mp4 clip.  Elizabeth has also been joining in copying his actions and Emily is now learning Wind the Bobbin Up. 
We have been trying to stop Elizabeth from whining so much at the moment.  She has admitted that she pretends as she has been teaching Mummy how to whine.  It is very funny to watch. 
Scott has learned how to do buttons this week, so he can now do up and undo his shirt buttons etc..   there’s no stopping him now!!!
Anyway that is our short update for this week.  More next week….