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Back from America!

It is now nearly a week since we got back from our trip to America to see Aunty Jenny get married to Gerry. It was a really good trip as all of Lisa’s family were able to be there together for the first time in nearly 5 years. The wedding went really well even if the weather decided to get a little windy that day it certainly didn’t spoil the day at all. Jen looked fantastic and Gerry didn’t look too bad either. Some Pictures from the wedding

We were very kindly lent a house by the brother of one of good friends who we were desperate to see again but they couldn’t make it from Boston to Utah at the right time, which was the only dampner on an excellent holiday. So we stayed in a really nice part of Salt Lake on the Eastern side of the City near to the University of Utah or the U as it is called. I really liked the area, a very leafy suburb. We shared our time between staying in Salt Lake and heading down south towards Provo where Jenny lives. We were able to go and do the temple square thing and see all the sites aswell as go horse riding, swimming etc. Some Pictures from Salt Lake and Jenny’s , Here are also some pics from Dave & Claire’s website

We got to meet up with Matt & Bev again which was so good to hang out again with such good friends and Matt took Scott, Sarah and myself down to Arches national park for the day on Memorial day where we were able to do a bit of hiking and 4×4 driving off in the mountains. Some Pictures from our Trip to Arches.

While we were there also we even got to do a bit of diving which was quite unexpected, you can read about that over at the diving blog.


Heather's entered in picture competition

Heather 3monthssm.jpg

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This picture has been entered into a competition with the Hampshire Chronicle.  The web address for the hampshire chronicle is http://www.thisishampshire.net/hampshire/winchester/ but we are still looking for the article with the competition in.

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A New Picture Feature

We are trying a new feature called Filmloop, Click here to try it.  Once you have downloaded the filmloop application you can view a scrolling loop of pictures we have put in there. 

If you haven’t downloaded filmloop before it should lead you through all the instructions of how to do it and subscribe you to our trial loop called Heather.   

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Some old pictures

Just going back through some of the old shutterfly slideshows that we sent out a couple of years ago and updating some of the links and we came across these.  Thought you might like to see them again. 

 August 2003

 July 2003, Bournemouth Beach

 Legoland, July 2003

 Elizabeths 2nd Birthday Party

 Claire and Dave’s Wedding April 2003