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Heather's first swim

Saturday was another family first, this time the first time that Heather has been swimming.  We all headed off to the rapids.  Originally it was going to be just Mum, Scott & Heather, as Emily & Elizabeth were at a birthday party and Dad was supposed to be diving.  But Dad’s diving was cancelled and then Emily struck a deal with her Mum that everyone would go after the party. So we did and it was great fun. 

As the party was a late afternoon party we didn’t get to the rapids till 5.30pm but we didn’t leave till nearly 8pm.  The children had a great time and Heather loved her first time in the pool.  She looked on in awe at her brother and sisters as they splashed around in the pool.  She really wanted to join in.

We have really seen the benefits of the three older ones going to swimming lessons, they all rushed into the pool and were off swimming around, mostly underwater!!  showing no fear whilst at the same time showing a lot of confidence in the water.  It was fantastic to see,   They had all really improved.  Emily is having a real good go at swimming whilst Scott is now getting really confident about swimming out of his depths and Elizabeth is showing her confidence in swimming under water and on her back.

Since the improvements to the leisure centre the pool temperature has risen a couple of degrees which makes the whole experience a lot better, especially for the children.  They didn’t want to get out but we had to prise them out of the water as the pool was closed at 7pm ready for lane swimming…..  sure Scott would have loved a go.


Heather's entered in picture competition

Heather 3monthssm.jpg

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This picture has been entered into a competition with the Hampshire Chronicle.  The web address for the hampshire chronicle is http://www.thisishampshire.net/hampshire/winchester/ but we are still looking for the article with the competition in.

Heather’s Here

She’s here.

Taken this morning only 6 minutes old,

Heather Rose Gilmour

taking her first peek at her mum.

Heather Rose Gilmour

She was born at 3.05am weighing 8lb 5oz and looking just beautiful. Both her and Lisa are doing well.

More pictures are available here

20 Week Scan!!

We were at the hospital today for Lisa’s 20 week scan…..

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