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Emily's 1st Day at School

emilys 1st day.jpgToday we reached another family milestone as Emily started school. That’s now three children at school. Emily was very excited to be finally attending school. She has been asking when she would be going since Scott and Elizabeth started back last September. So today there were no tears or worrying glances to her mum, she smiled for the camera and in she went. Coming home at lunchtime was too early for her, she has been ready to go to school for a long long time.

We have put a few pictures on the picture gallery, click here or on the picture of Emily to go the pictures.

If you have forgotten the gallery password or not yet received it, please use the email tab above to request it.

A week Camping in Cornwall.

Dinner in Perranporth

We have just got back from a weeks camping in Cornwall.  We based ourselves out of the Summer Valley campsite near Truro. 

Our week consisted of:

  • going to the beach – lots
  • swimming
  • flying the kite
  • seeing the Pirate and Highwaymen activities at Pendennis Castle
  • experiencing the firing of a real pirate’s cannon
  • bodyboarding at Perranporth beach
  • cycling the camel trail in Padstow
  • watching the planes from the RNAS Culdrose Air day
  • eating pasties, clotted cream teas & cornish ice cream
  • snorkelling on the rocks
  • playing lots on the campsite
  • getting stuck in the mud on the way to Church (well not our car!)
  • cooking a Sunday Chicken Roast on a trangia stove!!
  • Putting up the tent in the pouring rain (the only real rain of the week)
  • boating and kayaking from the beach
  • visiting St Ives, Padstow, Falmouth,

Cornwall has so much to see and do, normally when we are down there we go diving, butPirate of Perranporth this time we didn’t take the diving gear, only the snorkelling kit (see my diving blog) so that we could enjoy the other attractions of Cornwall. 

As we were planning this trip we kept a close eye on the weather forecast and were prepared to go and do a lot of wet weather activities, such as the Eden project, and the zoo’s etc. But the weather held good all week and we spent most of the time on the beach and in the sea.  It was excellent fun.  Perranporth is a great beach but you’ve gotta get down there early or there is no chance of finding a parking space.  We spent a whole day there, bodyboarding and flying the kites. Scott, Elizabeth and Emily all tried the bodyboard and were great.  Weighing next to nothing, they were catapulted in on the smallest of waves and loved it.  We took our waterproof housing for the video camera which came up with some great video shots.  I shall have to see if I can digitalise some of the clips and post them on our blog.   Even Lisa and I managed to get a sneaky morning off from the kids, watched by friends who we were camping with, and headed off with some of the others for early morning bodyboarding with the whole beach to ourselves.  A lot of fun.  

Something that we would highly recommend is the Camel Trail, from Padstow to Wadebridge and on to Bodmin.  A very picturesque bike ride along an old disused railway line. Being a former railway line, meant it was fairly flat with no major inclines to slow one’s progress making it suitable for all ages to cycle along.  Even Emily had a go for a little while.  One word of caution though, it can get very very busy, the M25 of cycle paths. There were hundreds of people doing the same as us.  We only completed the first section from Padstow to Wadebridge and back (much to Scott’s disgust, he wanted to do the full 36 mile round trip), a total of 11 miles.  Scott led the way with Lisa carrying Heather on the child seat, whilst I towed Elizabeth and Emily (and emily’s bike)in the trailer.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, slightly overcast, which meant we weren’t cycling in the blazing sun.  After our ride we loaded the bikes back onto the car and walked into Padstow for Pasties and ice cream.  We managed to find one of the few food shops not owned by Rick Stein! And the queue for his takeaway fish n Chips at £9 a pop reached out of the door and around the carpark.  No fish n chips is that good and my pasty was delicious.  Not a Ginsters in sight!

We’ll add some pictures to the gallery once we’ve sorted through them and maybe try and sort out the video clips. 

Back from the Nederlands….

IMGP3445small.jpgThe children have been on half term this week and to begin the half term we took a quick hop across the channel to go and see Aunty Su, Uncle George, Hannah, Zoe and Ciaran, who we have not seen in over 3 years.

After a very calm crossing on the ferry and getting stuck in the rush hour traffic in Antwerp we made to the Belguim, Holland border where Su and the children were waiting for us. 

Whilst we were there we spent time visiting Eindhoven, playing in this fantastic woodland playpark (perhaps Aunty Su can tell us the name of it) and swimming and playing in this superb indoor lagoon with lots of slides and wavepools. The children loved it and I think so did Mummy. She was desperate to get all the girls on this one slide that took you into a big bowl that you went round and around in until you dropped out of the bottom into a deep pool.  Elizabeth and Emily had to take a swim test to show the lifeguards that they could swim before they were let on. They passed and had a whale of a time. 

It was absolutely great to see all the children playing together getting to know each other and having a great time. 

We’ve put lots on pictures on to our gallery.  If you need the password drop us an email. 

Where does the time go………………… Easter in Scotland

P1010075sm.jpg‘Ello   – says Heather whilst we were picnicing halfway through our 11 mile bike ride in Scotland, on the day that Scott got his new bike from Grandma and Granddad C. 

For Easter we jumped in the car, strapped the bikes to the back and headed north to see Grandma and Granddad and also Aunty Claire, Uncle David, Jessica and new baby Joseph.  Having enjoyed fabulous weather in the south over the weekend it was a bit of shock to arrive to overcast skies on Easter Monday in Scotland, but thankfully before the week was out the weather had cleared and we were able to enjoy hiking again up Tinto and a really enjoyable bike ride around Biggar and Broughton. 

The reason for going up to Scotland during (more…)

Happy New Year

Sorry for not writing on here sooner, don’t know where the time has gone,, but to all Happy New Year, hope that the new year is bringing you much joy and happiness.  For us it has started with a flourish, no sooner is Christmas & New Year over than Emily’s trampolining.jpgbirthday was upon us.  She had her birthday last week and we have got some pictures to put up on the gallery.  We have added some pictures from over Christmas. 

We had a very nice Christmas, quite relaxed.  We all went down to Grandma and Grandad B’s for a few days over Christmas. 

The children got a very special present from Grandma and Grandad B this year, which was their trampoline and they have had a lot of fun on it. Going on it whenever they can.  Not even snow has stopped them.   There are a number of pictures in our picture gallery.  Pictures and a report of Emily’s birthday party to come.  

Heather's birthday is fast approaching……

Yesterday was her first party of the week with some of her friends from the Tuesday morning “coffee” group….

P1010040edit.jpg This weekend she’ll be visited by Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents and Cousins. 


It’s hard to believe that it is almost a year since she arrived with us…..

it’s been a busy year……

Time for an update…. A day at Lepe Country Park




Mummy was out last Saturday so Dad had to look after us children but it was a good job the weather was good so that we could go out on the bikes.  Dad strapped all the bikes to the car and off we went to the forest but Dad decided it was best to go to Lepe Country Park.  It was a bit windy but we all had a good time, cycling along the side of the beach until the sand got too deep to ride in.  We played on the beach for a while until we cycled back to the cafe and had some lunch.  I ate all my burger and chips whilst the girls ate most of theirs. 

Dad has put more pictures in the gallery he says….

by Scott

It's been a busy couple of weeks…. The gallery has been updated

It really has been a busy couple of weeks, Mark is currently in Canada working, whilst the children are all on half term.  We are pretty well settled in to our new home and have finally got round to sorting out some of the pictures off the house. 

The first few pictures are in the gallery now.  Access this by going to http://gallery.thegilmours.net .  The latest pictures come up or click on this link to go direct to the slideshow.   You will need a password to access the gallery/slideshow.  If you forgotten the password or need to receive it for the first time then use the email page here to request it. 

The Gilmour's ride again


We’ve been out on the bikes again, but this time we have a new addition to our pedal power.  We managed to get hold of a child seat to go on the back of Lisa’s bike.  The plan being that this way she can do the school run on the bikes.  So one October Sunday afternoon we went out for a trial run and took some pictures. The pictures are in the gallery, go to http://gallery.thegilmours.net/ to see them.  Remember you need a password to view pictures within the gallery. 

  Heather wasn’t overjoyed at the bike seat, but absolutely loved going in the trailer with Elizabeth whilst Emily rode in the bike seat.  It was a pretty successful trial and ever since when the weather has allowed Lisa has used the bikes to do the school run.  

Finally moved.

Our house move is now complete,the last few weeks have been a bit unnerving as we have been waiting for the final piece in the puzzle to fall into place.  The nerves dropped considerably though when we were able to exchange contracts at the beginning of the month as this meant if anyone in the chain pulled out then they would be liable for penalties.  Thankfully nobody did and last Friday we completed and the move happened.

Friday was a very busy day but thanks to the help of lots of friends, mainly from Church we were able to get everything moved and even had the beds set up so we could sleep. Scott, Elizabeth and Emily went for a sleepover at Nick and Matthews whilst Heather stayed at Reg and Jan Littlecotts for Thursday and Friday night which meantImage008.jpg that we could concentrate on getting things moved.  On the day we had an elite force of workers helping us move for some though it was just too much 

A really big thanks to all those who helped us. 

We’ll post a couple of pictures of the new house in the gallery, I’ll put the link on here when they are up.