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Scott’s walk for charity.

In our last post, we announced that Scott and Mark are attempting the National 3 Peaks challenge this year. With 5 walkers we decided to go with 5 charities. Scott’s choice was a no-brainer. When he was 2 years old a family moved into our street in Romsey. They had a young boy called Nick, a year older than Scott who suffered from a genetic ailment called Barth Syndrome. We knew very little about this disease and this was common, the syndrome had only recently been discovered and more information was being discovered. This genetic condition affecting only boys can cause the following symptoms: see the medical brochure

● Cardiomyopathy – Heart failure or heart muscle weakness
● Neutropenia – weakness in the immune system (specifically reduced “neutrophils”, a type of white blood cell used in fighting bacterial infections)
● Muscle Weakness and General Fatigue
● Growth Delay – that can be substantial until late teenage years

They became best friends (this is them today)
and so for Scott the opportunity to raise money for his best friends charity which is led by Nick’s mother Michaela is a privilege. Scott is doing something that because of his condition Nick would never be able to do.

Scott is completing the challenge to raise money for Barth Syndrome Trust, a charity that is set up to help diagnosis, fund research and provide support to families with Barth boys.

So far he has been training in the southern uplands of the Scottish borders. A spectacular walk on White Coomb (804m)via the Grey Mares Tail waterfall, the local Tinto Hill (707m), an early morning start on Coulter Fell (748m) & Broad Law (840m), the highest peak in the southern uplands. The weather has thwarted his first attempt at Ben Nevis this easter break, so it looks like his first trip on the three peaks will be for the 24 hour attempt.

Grey Mares Tail

Broad Law
Culter Fell

You can sponsor Scott and the others doing the challenge online by visiting www.sponsor-me.org/3peaks2012
Follow our progress, training and preparations on our Facebook page FB/3Peaks2012 or twitter @3Peaks2012

Our Year in Pictures -2011


Our pictoral review of 2011

Our New Addition

This week we added a new member to the family, welcoming Chester, our Springer Spaniel pup.

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Went seamlessly, upgraded from version 2.01 so I was way behind. Nice and easy to do using the three step process http://codex.wordpress.org/Upgrading_WordPress just don’t forget to keep your wp-content folder intact

Where does the time go…..

It disappears.. another 6 months has flown by, I suppose with facebook and other such social media, our diary page has become a little redundant.

If you haven’t found us on facebook both Lisa and I are there and we try and keep up, isn’t life great when it is so busy…..

Our Christmas Newsletter

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Thank you for all the best wishes

I really appreciate the messages, phone calls and emails I have received in the last 24 hours following the announcement of my call as President of the Portsmouth Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have been overwhelmed by the response.

Yesterday afternoon, I had some time to reflect on the events of the weekend. I have been the recipient of great teaching and counsel this weekend, this combined with the outpouring of love and support from those present at the conference and from those far and wide and the witness of the Holy Ghost provides me with the confidence that the Lord leads and guides his chosen representatives.

President Henry B Eyring, 1st Counsellor, 1st Presidency spoke at this April’s General Conference

“Seemingly ordinary men whom I knew well were called as stake presidents. I raised my hand on those days as you did today and had a witness come to me that God had called His servants and that I would be blessed by their service and for sustaining them. I have now felt that same miracle countless times across the Church.

I saw in the days and months that followed their being sustained that those stake presidents were lifted up to their callings”

I can categorically tell you I am a very ordinary man and the experiences of this weekend give me the confidence that this will indeed take place.

Once again I thank you.


Emily's Birthday

February already, where did January go….

Unfortunately our digital cameras are broken so we are reduced to the pictures off our phone, which didn’t come out very well.
So this is the only pic…

 Emily's birthday Cake

Emily’s sweetie cake

Emily celebrated her birthday this weekend, Saturday she had her friends over for her party and had a great time and on Sunday, friends and family came over for dinner and cake. She’s growing up very fast and is relishing the role as big sister to Heather. Each morning we awake to her and Heather playing at some sort of role-playing game. Kindred spirits that’s for sure……

Apologies for the delay in updating.

Yes I know we have been slack……….. sorry we will remedy this I promise!!!!

Happy Christmas from the Gilmours

Santa's little elves

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