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Emily's 1st Day at School

emilys 1st day.jpgToday we reached another family milestone as Emily started school. That’s now three children at school. Emily was very excited to be finally attending school. She has been asking when she would be going since Scott and Elizabeth started back last September. So today there were no tears or worrying glances to her mum, she smiled for the camera and in she went. Coming home at lunchtime was too early for her, she has been ready to go to school for a long long time.

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Emily's 4th Birthday

IMG_9493.JPGFebruary 2nd was Emily’s birthday and she had a big party at home.  12 of her friends came over for a party in the afternoon to play games, have party food and a great fun. 

The day after her birthday we all went into Southampton to go to the Bear Factory.  Emily really wanted a new teddy bear for her birthday and so she got to make Snowy. 

Already Emily is 4 years old and starts school this September.  We had her school acceptance letter come through in the last couple of weeks confirming her place at the local primary school that Scott and Elizabeth go too.  Do they really know what they are letting themselves in for with three Gilmours in the school? 

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Emily’s 3rd Birthday

“How old are you now Emily?” asks Mummy,  ” I, 3″ she replies.  Emily turned three on Thursday and had her Cinderella Princess Party yesterday.  All her friends were asked to come in fancy dress, she went as Cinderella with Elizabeth as Belle and Scott as a scuba diver.  Well done son!! Dad went back to the house with Heather after setting up and watched some Rugby before coming back to tidy things away.  Mummy was host, so she had to deal with all the games and activities. Aunty Lindsay came along to help with the food as did Sarah, our student assistant who has proved her weight in gold this week!!! (See the post on Mark’s accident)

We think Emily had a lot of fun as it took until Sunday afternoon to open all her presents.  She has done very well!!!!


Mother & Daughter camp, Warwick Chapel Dedication

Tuesday 29th June 2004
Daddy is getting slack at writing our diary for us, so we have told him off and so he now has to catch up. 
On Friday 18th & Saturday 19th June Mummy, Elizabeth & Emily went to mother & daughter camp.  If you have read May’s diary you might have seen some of the pictures already in the Camping section along with the father & son camp pictures.  This was a lot of fun.  The girls all went down to Lyndhurst in the new forest and set up their camp, well Daddy and Scott did!  It was the Siswick huge tent as Jess Siswick went along with the girls and her mum wasn’t very well. Then they all settled into their evening there.  During the night, Emily wouldn’t go to sleep so at 2am Mummy brought her back home and really shocked Daddy in the night.  He was very surprised to see Mummy wander in, in the middle of the night!!!
In the morning Daddy & Scotty took Emily back to the camp and then headed back home to do their gardening chores!!!
Last Saturday was the ward treasure hunt in Romsey.  This had been a year in the planning as people forgot to turn up to it last year.  This year though the weather was a lot different.  It was very wet and damp this year but it didn’t stop us all having some fun.  Mummy divided all the people into teams and sent them off with clues to go to the next stage of the treasure hunt.  They had to go to the park and then into Romsey.  In the middle of Romsey Daddy made them all sing and dance the Hokey Cokey – it was very very funny.  The people of Romsey must think the members of the church are mad.  They are right!!
And then on Sunday after normal church we all went to Warwick for the dedication of their new Church building.  The Stake President came to visit and said a special prayer dedicating the building.  It was very good.  We got to see Grandma C who had come all the way down from Scotland to be at the dedication. 

Emily’s first birthday

Monday 2nd February 2004
Today is Emily’s birthday she is now a big grown up 1 year old.  The day started with us all gathering for breakfast and giving Emily her birthday presents from Scott and Elizabeth.  Then we sent Daddy off to work and Scott off to Chatterbox and then we all went to baby-group.  Lots of playtime and fun but hard work for Mummy.  In the afternoon Emily had some of her friends over for her birthday party and between the five under-ones and 3 over-twos they completely trashed the place.  But they did have a lot of fun doing it.  Loads of mess is the mark of a good party.  To view the pictures click on this link here

Callings & Parties

Sunday 1st February 2004

Today has been a “busy day Daddy” as Elizabeth would say, but an exciting one.  Lisa was called and set apart as the Relief Society President so she is going to be very busy.  Also all the family came around for a birthday party for Emily who is 1 year old tomorrow.   Already she is one!!!!  Grandma C, Grandma and Granddad B, Uncle David, Uncle Gary and Aunty Lindsay all came round.  Aunty Kirsty didn’t want to come up.  We all had a lovely time; Emily enjoyed opening her presents with a little help from the other two.  We had some party food and the children played with their toys and entertained everyone, they were very good all day.  Emily did try and blow out her candle using her finger but Scott blew it out before she did any real harm!!!! We even spoke to Uncle Christopher in Cyprus.