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Elizabeth's 5th Birthday

Elizabeths 5th Birthdaysmall.jpgToday is Elizabeth’s 5th birthday and she had her party at Serendipity Sams after school.  This morning she was up very early to open her presents.  So we sent her back to bed for a little while. Then it was up for prezzies and breakfast before going off to school. She enjoyed giving treats to all her class at the end of school.

With school finished it was off to Serendipity Sams for her birthday party along with 20 of her friends.  Can you tell from the picture that they had a great time.  It was very hot outside but a bit cooler inside but still lots of red faces.

After lots of playing in the play centre it was time for the party games and the party food and cake. 


They all enjoyed their party food, especially the ice pops, cake, chocolate, sweets……….. and with 20 people the happy birthday song was loud and enjoyable. 

Elizabeths 5th Birthday3small.jpg


Elizabeth’s First Day at School

Today was the big day and time for Elizabeth to start school. 


Elizabeth’s 3rd Birthday

Saturday 3rd July 2004

Today is Elizabeth’s 3rd Birthday and she had a party at the chapel.  It was the social event of the toddler group calendar according to some!!  Elizabeth woke up very early this morning asking if it was time for her party yet, she had been waiting very patiently for the time to come.  She had to be told, after lunchtime, but she was very good.  So in the morning she had her presents from Scott & Emily and Mummy & Daddy and also from Grandma & Granddad C.  She really liked them all, especially the Barbie scooter from Grandma & Granddad C.   She kept asking, am I 3 now, she was very excited to be 3 years old.  Uncle David arrived that morning as he was on his way from Scotland to a sailing trip off the south coast which meant he was here for her birthday.  Just after lunch Grandma and Granddad B arrived ready to go to the party.  They bought her some new dressing up clothes which she loved as Mummy & Daddy had bought her a dressing table.  What a lucky girl.  Then it was time for the party.  Mummy & Daddy had hired a bouncy castle/ball pool for her party and also all the young women from church arrived to do party games, balloon animals and face painting.  The children all loved it.  Some of the pictures are in the gallery on the website or click here to go direct

Mother & Daughter camp, Warwick Chapel Dedication

Tuesday 29th June 2004
Daddy is getting slack at writing our diary for us, so we have told him off and so he now has to catch up. 
On Friday 18th & Saturday 19th June Mummy, Elizabeth & Emily went to mother & daughter camp.  If you have read May’s diary you might have seen some of the pictures already in the Camping section along with the father & son camp pictures.  This was a lot of fun.  The girls all went down to Lyndhurst in the new forest and set up their camp, well Daddy and Scott did!  It was the Siswick huge tent as Jess Siswick went along with the girls and her mum wasn’t very well. Then they all settled into their evening there.  During the night, Emily wouldn’t go to sleep so at 2am Mummy brought her back home and really shocked Daddy in the night.  He was very surprised to see Mummy wander in, in the middle of the night!!!
In the morning Daddy & Scotty took Emily back to the camp and then headed back home to do their gardening chores!!!
Last Saturday was the ward treasure hunt in Romsey.  This had been a year in the planning as people forgot to turn up to it last year.  This year though the weather was a lot different.  It was very wet and damp this year but it didn’t stop us all having some fun.  Mummy divided all the people into teams and sent them off with clues to go to the next stage of the treasure hunt.  They had to go to the park and then into Romsey.  In the middle of Romsey Daddy made them all sing and dance the Hokey Cokey – it was very very funny.  The people of Romsey must think the members of the church are mad.  They are right!!
And then on Sunday after normal church we all went to Warwick for the dedication of their new Church building.  The Stake President came to visit and said a special prayer dedicating the building.  It was very good.  We got to see Grandma C who had come all the way down from Scotland to be at the dedication.