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  • Been away for a few days enjoying a bit of family time & diving so no tweets,to catch up next few R some thoughts inspired by scriptures #
  • Jacob 6:12"O Be Wise, what can I say more". Simple and profound counsel that implies so much, http://bit.ly/hlN6R #lds #timemanagement #
  • Another verse that struck me whilst away, Jacob 5:48 #
  • Oops trigger happy on the send, http://bit.ly/3sqoZ5 Personal apostasy comes as a result of pride, even those with good roots, #lds #
  • U may be able to tell I was reading through Jacob & Enos whilst away, In his time as spiritual leader Jacob warned consistently of Pride #
  • Following on- Pride does not look up to God and care about what is right. It looks sideways to man and argues who is right. #lds #
  • RT @riyel27: RT @ldsmag Meridian Magazine Cover 7/21/09 When a Prophet Meets a President http://ldsmag.com/churchupdate/090721president.html #
  • RT@ldsofficial: Family History Presented to President Obama http://tr.im/tzXC link includes statement from Pres. Obama #
  • @riyel27 You're welcome. enjoyed your comments on Jacob 7 in reply to riyel27 #

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