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IMGP3445small.jpgThe children have been on half term this week and to begin the half term we took a quick hop across the channel to go and see Aunty Su, Uncle George, Hannah, Zoe and Ciaran, who we have not seen in over 3 years.

After a very calm crossing on the ferry and getting stuck in the rush hour traffic in Antwerp we made to the Belguim, Holland border where Su and the children were waiting for us. 

Whilst we were there we spent time visiting Eindhoven, playing in this fantastic woodland playpark (perhaps Aunty Su can tell us the name of it) and swimming and playing in this superb indoor lagoon with lots of slides and wavepools. The children loved it and I think so did Mummy. She was desperate to get all the girls on this one slide that took you into a big bowl that you went round and around in until you dropped out of the bottom into a deep pool.  Elizabeth and Emily had to take a swim test to show the lifeguards that they could swim before they were let on. They passed and had a whale of a time. 

It was absolutely great to see all the children playing together getting to know each other and having a great time. 

We’ve put lots on pictures on to our gallery.  If you need the password drop us an email. 

Comments on: "Back from the Nederlands…." (2)

  1. Nikki Robinson said:

    Lovely pics! And the children have grown up so much!
    I hope you are all well!

    Nikki x

  2. Hi, Mark. And Lisa, of course. :)))))) Guess who?????? I have just one question for you. Actually, two!
    1. Are you still “just” friend with Lisa, or you are finaly in love to her??????
    2. How many small Gilmours you have??? On one pic I accounted some 7-8. :)))))
    I am not interested for your car, but I wish you get good offer. 🙂

    PS. O, I hope you read this comments sometimes. I don’t like to write just for glory. 🙂
    Lovely greetings to your all family. I still remember you both.

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