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P1010075sm.jpg‘Ello   – says Heather whilst we were picnicing halfway through our 11 mile bike ride in Scotland, on the day that Scott got his new bike from Grandma and Granddad C. 

For Easter we jumped in the car, strapped the bikes to the back and headed north to see Grandma and Granddad and also Aunty Claire, Uncle David, Jessica and new baby Joseph.  Having enjoyed fabulous weather in the south over the weekend it was a bit of shock to arrive to overcast skies on Easter Monday in Scotland, but thankfully before the week was out the weather had cleared and we were able to enjoy hiking again up Tinto and a really enjoyable bike ride around Biggar and Broughton. 

The reason for going up to Scotland during the week was to celebrate Joseph’s Blessing (link to invite) who was born on March 1st. The children loved cuddling Joseph, especially Heather was very interested in having a baby around.  Seeing Heather and Joseph together we realised just how quickly Heather is growing up and is no longer a little baby, not quite a toddler so therefore a tiddler!   David has posted pictures of Joseph and Jessica on their family website @ dcbleakley.com

While we were there Grandma and Granddad bP1010108sm.jpgought Scott a new bike as he has outgrown his old one.  So on the Thursday his bike was ready and we decided to go off for a bike ride.  The only problem with Scotland is that it isn’t flat! We decided on a route that took us south of Biggar on a country road towards Coulter Fell and then turned to Broughton.  We stopped on the way for a picnic and a break before setting off again and riding back via Broughton and the long way round back to Biggar.  All in all about 11 miles.  The clear weather also gave us the chance to hike Tinto again.  With Scott being a bit older this time we took the opportunity to go back down the shorter more direct but more challenging route back down.  It was a very good walk and if you ask Scott not as windy as last time!

For a whole host of pictures go to the gallery here  (remember if you need the password for the gallery please use the email tab at the top of the page)

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