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Happy New Year

Sorry for not writing on here sooner, don’t know where the time has gone,, but to all Happy New Year, hope that the new year is bringing you much joy and happiness.  For us it has started with a flourish, no sooner is Christmas & New Year over than Emily’s trampolining.jpgbirthday was upon us.  She had her birthday last week and we have got some pictures to put up on the gallery.  We have added some pictures from over Christmas. 

We had a very nice Christmas, quite relaxed.  We all went down to Grandma and Grandad B’s for a few days over Christmas. 

The children got a very special present from Grandma and Grandad B this year, which was their trampoline and they have had a lot of fun on it. Going on it whenever they can.  Not even snow has stopped them.   There are a number of pictures in our picture gallery.  Pictures and a report of Emily’s birthday party to come.  

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  1. Hello….
    Trampolines are great…I love them myself…I have participated in a few competitions too….They are a great way to get healthy and active…
    WOW..a present from Grandad and Grandma…that is one very big present…

    From: Rebecca

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