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It's been a busy couple of weeks…. The gallery has been updated

It really has been a busy couple of weeks, Mark is currently in Canada working, whilst the children are all on half term.  We are pretty well settled in to our new home and have finally got round to sorting out some of the pictures off the house. 

The first few pictures are in the gallery now.  Access this by going to http://gallery.thegilmours.net .  The latest pictures come up or click on this link to go direct to the slideshow.   You will need a password to access the gallery/slideshow.  If you forgotten the password or need to receive it for the first time then use the email page here to request it. 

The Gilmour's ride again


We’ve been out on the bikes again, but this time we have a new addition to our pedal power.  We managed to get hold of a child seat to go on the back of Lisa’s bike.  The plan being that this way she can do the school run on the bikes.  So one October Sunday afternoon we went out for a trial run and took some pictures. The pictures are in the gallery, go to http://gallery.thegilmours.net/ to see them.  Remember you need a password to view pictures within the gallery. 

  Heather wasn’t overjoyed at the bike seat, but absolutely loved going in the trailer with Elizabeth whilst Emily rode in the bike seat.  It was a pretty successful trial and ever since when the weather has allowed Lisa has used the bikes to do the school run.  

Problems with the main site

Unfortunately we have had some problems with the main gilmours.net site and so we have reverted to this as the front page for now. Sorry for the trouble with the main frontpage. Hopefully we should have it back up and running very soon.

In the meantime please continue to enjoy our diary. We shall be putting up some pictures of the new house this weekend. Keep checking the gallery for the pictures. If you need the password to the gallery site, please drop us a note using the email tab at the top of the page.

All the best – The Gilmours