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Elizabeths 5th Birthdaysmall.jpgToday is Elizabeth’s 5th birthday and she had her party at Serendipity Sams after school.  This morning she was up very early to open her presents.  So we sent her back to bed for a little while. Then it was up for prezzies and breakfast before going off to school. She enjoyed giving treats to all her class at the end of school.

With school finished it was off to Serendipity Sams for her birthday party along with 20 of her friends.  Can you tell from the picture that they had a great time.  It was very hot outside but a bit cooler inside but still lots of red faces.

After lots of playing in the play centre it was time for the party games and the party food and cake. 


They all enjoyed their party food, especially the ice pops, cake, chocolate, sweets……….. and with 20 people the happy birthday song was loud and enjoyable. 

Elizabeths 5th Birthday3small.jpg


Comments on: "Elizabeth's 5th Birthday" (1)

  1. Grandma B said:

    Well every one looks to be having a good time despite the hot weather

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