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The Easter holiday was a busy time for us, with all sorts happening.  Now sooner had it begun then it was ended.  For Easter we had some friends (Ian, Sue and Isabelle) visit with us for the long weekend, which was a really fun weekend.  Mark and Ian went diving on the Saturday while Lisa, Sue and the children went playing at Moor valley country park.

Also we went for a tour around Winchester and to the Church Easter Egg hunt and pancake morning.  Unfortunately that didn’t go quite as planned but hey ho….

Then all of a sudden it was back to school and back to normality.  Now we are almost at half term again and we are all off for the big wedding.

Other news is that Lisa is now back into diving.  A couple of trips to Swanage and Porthkerris in April and May and she is now right back in the swing of things.  We had a really fantastic weekend down in Devon, visiting with Mum and Dad who then looked after the children while Lisa and I went diving in Cornwall at Porthkerris off the Lizard.  We went with a few friends from Yorkshire Divers

So a very quick update from us.

Comments on: "April has come and gone and now we are in May" (1)

  1. jamie gilmour said:

    hi i am also a gilmour my grandfather was adopted though. My brothers name is Mark! my mother Carol, dad John and dog solly:). Gilmour is my fathers side coming from Watford near London.
    I was just searching my brothers name on google and this site came up! well its nice to know there are other Gilmour’s in the world:)
    take care:)

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