Welcome to our world

A sunny Saturday…..

Lisa was out on a Barth Syndrome Trust seminar on Saturday so the 3 older children had to endure Daddy for all of Saturday.  I don’t know how they coped…  It was a really fun day that started off with the girsl going off to ballet which left Scott and I to start cleaning out the bathroom, ready for a fresh coat of paint. 

After ballet the children all sat down to watch a programme whilst I put a coat of paint on the bathroom walls, till I ran out of paint.  The children were tasked with memorising the paint code so that we could get a good match……. all together now, what colour is it Blue Moon 6.  Even Emily could recite the correct colour. 

The plan was then have some lunch and then off to Serendipity Sam’s playcentre followed by a trip to B&Q for the paint and back via ASDA for the shopping to fulfill the shopping list that Lisa had left us. 

After a couple of hours in Serendipities (the children had a great time and I read some of my book) we headed off to B&Q.  Got the paint no issue but we had a little incident outside in the car park with a neandethal guy who insisted on offering out every single explitive under the sun in front of the children….. go here for a rant on that subject  Once we had got through that it was off to Asda, oh how I loath Asda on a Saturday afternoon.  However it wasn’t too bad, Emily decided she wanted to go in the trolley and I tasked Elizabeth with leading the way to the relevant aisles for the goods.  To her credit she knew where the things were, bread, milk, fizzy pop, she was on the ball… a very good shopper how she is going to make me pay later in life I reckon…   Bribery at Asda consisted of doughnuts and some cookies for after dinner, which ended up being fish and chips from the chippy. After which the children got themselves ready for bed and into their beds. 

I painted some more and put the bathroom back together ready for when Heather and Lisa came back. 

Busy day as Elizabeth used to say…..

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