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You may have heard on the news that the South West of Scotland suffered a bit of a snow storm last night well Lisa and I were in the middle of it travelling back from Huddersfield to Lisa’s parents in Biggar.  We had been down to a visit some friends who we are going to the Galapagos Islands with next year.  More details of that are in the diving blog.  

We left Huddersfield at about 1am to head back to Lisa’s mums who was looking after the older three children. Under normal conditions we would have got back about 3.30am but as we got to Carlisle the snow started really coming down and we ended up having to slow right down.  We eventually made it back around 5.30 after following the trucks who were blazing a trail through the snow.  At times we were down to 10mph on the motorway.  The last 10 miles from the motorway junction were very slow and very treacherous but we made it through.  We found out this afternoon that the motorway was closed and also the road from the motorway was blocked later on, even the snowplough had to be towed out by the local farmers!!

So with all the snow meant that we were all stuck in Biggar and couldn’t make it to Dalkeith for Church so we had a meeting at home with everyone in the afternoon.  It was a lot of fun, the Children did a primary presentation on prayer. 
We wait to see what the weather will do to see if we can get home tomorrow……..

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