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An Evening at the theatre

First evening off in a while for Lisa as I took her to see the RSC in London performing A Midsommer Nights Dream at the Novello theatre. (formally the Strand Theatre).  We went with some of my friends from work and their partners.  It was a really good evening.  Grandma and Granddad B kindly agreed to babysit all 4 children and arrived about 2.30pm which meant that Lisa and I could zip off to Winchester to catch the train into London.  It was a pleasant journey in which gave us both time to sort out things we needed to do for Sunday, Lisa completed her Lesson and I sorted out my talk.  When we got to Waterloo we met up with the others and went off to Theatre themed restaurant and then headed off to the theatre for the performance.  It was an excellent performance as one would expect from the RSC and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  We got back just after midnight and found Heather cuddled up to Grandma B totally relaxed, all 4 children had been really good all evening so made Lisa feel really good.  A really good night out.

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