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As it is half term & stake temple week, I took a day off work so that we could go up to the temple as a family.

But before we could do that, we needed to go to swimming lessons.  As Lisa mentioned she had managed to arrange for Emily to have a trial lesson on Tuesday which she went too and really enjoyed so Emily was booked in for the rest of the week.  So in the morning we all packed ourselves into the car and headed over to Fleming park for Scott, Elizabeth and Emily to have their swimming lessons.  It has been a while since I last saw them in their lessons and they were excellent.  Emily didn’t look out of place at all and could easily cope with the lesson and keep up with the other two in her class.  Elizabeth was excellent and looked to be really enjoying swimming on her back, she seemed very natural at it.  Whereas Scott, now in the big pool was doing all the same exercises and tasks that they do in the small pool.  This time however they do it swimming full lengths of the big pool so that they end up in the deep end, which is really boosting his confidence in the water.    All three are real water babies.

After we got back from swimming we got ourselves ready to go up to the temple, unfortunately I couldn’t remember what I had done with the recommends.  So frantic searching and an exercise of faith and we finally found them.  Ask Lisa where they were????? )   

So off we went to the temple, Reg & Jan Littlecott had volunteered to look after the children so that Lisa and I could go in.  We arrived in time to go in for 2pm and had a really good time.  It was nice to see familiar faces there and enjoy spending time with them. 

We were planning on taking some family pictures up there but unfortunately the Temple is covered in scaffolding at the moment as they are cleaning the outside.  

After we got back we decided that dinner was in order and headed off to the Lutzborough, which has become Lisa’s local!! All the kids did really well with their food with both Scott and Elizabeth being quite adventurous with their food, Scott had chilli prawns and Elizabeth had Salmon.   All right for some eh……

So that was our day, Maybe Lisa will write something about valentines day as she organised it this year and it was excellent. 

Back to work tomorrow……

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