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First day of half-term

We have had a fun day, Starting with swimming lessons for Elizabeth and Scott, they apparently don’t do lessons for 3 year olds during the holidays, but I thought no harm in asking, since the class was so empty. And they agreed to give Emily a trial lesson tomorrow, hooray for assertive mum. Scott did very well in the big pool, jumping into the deep end with no floats which is a big step, he is still wearing his shortie wetsuit to stop him from getting cold and adding a bit more bouyancy. Elizabeth is really progressing with her crawl, and loves to go under water. Emily went and had a play in the new creche, which she enjoed.

We then went to the cinema to see Chicken Little, via the garage for cheaper snacks. The movie was good, better than I thought it would be. The girls are still a bit nervous of the whole cinema setting, very dark and loud, and although he wouldn’t admit it, Scott is not 100% comfortable. The treats helped. After lunch we did a drawer and bedroom tidy up, we had our student Sarah over who helped with the girl’s room. Then after some telly I took the older 3 around the block for a walk, we did eye spy and just generally blew the cobwebs away. They start bickering if they are in too long. We then made cards for Ben and Jess upfold who are ill, and Andrea Siswick as it is her birthday tommorrow, lots of glitter!

 Family home evening consisted of writing a letter to Elder Sam, reviewing what behaviour Mummy does like and what behaviour she doesnt, and of course the sunbeam song, plus the popcorn song, tribute to the cinema outing. They were good at going to bed. Although Heather didnt go down until ten! But we did enjoy watching the winter olympic ice-skating together and having a nice cuddle.

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