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Bowling day!

We didn’t have any plans for today, Saturday, (besides ballet and mummy’s spinning class) so we wanted to do something fun with the kids. The choices were cinema, ice-skating, or swimming. The kids are all a bit snuffily so we decided against swimming, the ice- skating we were told was very busy, so not the best time to take the kids for their first time, and the cinema is something we don’t really need dad to be with us at. So plan b..bowling, and it was so much fun. The girls used the ramp, but good ol’ Scott had a go doing it with out, skillfully using the bumpers. Elizabeth had great technique, first choose any ball that is pink, size and weight not mattering, lob it down the ramp and jump up and down furiously until it knocks down the pins, then strut back with a smug expression when you get the first spare ( well first nine). Scott took it quite seriuosly apllying mathamatical technique and coaching mummy on how to best udaddy only put this on because he won, note; only justse the bumpers….which won her the first strike of the game( without use of bumpers ..hooray). Emily enjoyed the bowling but liked the fact that we had treated them to fizzy lemonade,better, finishing hers and mummy’s and daddy’s. Daddy was pretty rubbish compared to mummy who was excellent, oh I wonder who the author of this piece is, but he did manage to get one strike in, nearly slipping a disc in celebrating it,oh those bowling floors are slippy, hee hee.

The kids also enjoyed having a go on the dance machine,  they worked the system each standing on a square and jumping wildly, there was no way they could miss, very funny. A fun family day, and the start of a fun half term , we hope, i’ll let you know how it goes.TTFN

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