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Mark’s been in the wars

Well on Monday 30th Jan, Mark was on his bike on the way back from dropping the people carrier off at the garage when his front wheel came off his bike, well that’s what we’ve been told as he doesn’t remember a thing of the accident. Fortunately Mark was wearing his cycle helmet which saved any major injuries but he did have some pretty severe cuts and grazes to his face and bit through his tongue (this required 5 stitches which was pretty gruesome to watch) and also a heafty bout of concussion. 

Don't let him ride a bikeSo that is supposed to explain the memory loss!!!  Thankfully someone stopped on the road when he had the accident and brought Mark back home, it took 20 minutes though before Mark could tell him where he lived and then we whisked him off to the doctors and then to A&E where they took him straight in and had a good look over him.  They did make him eat which was very painful as he had an open wound on his tongue.  It was after that, that they decided to stitch it.  Thankfully Sarah, our student assistant who has been working with us for a little while now was on hand to watch after the children and take Scott & Elizabeth to school and then entertain Emily for most of the day.  So Sarah is truly a star in our household now.

After a couple of hours in A&E we brought Mark home and he has been off work for a couple of days to recover. 

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