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Scott and Dad go diving

On Saturday Scott and I went to Stoney Cove Inland Dive Centre whilst the girls all played together at Paultons Park. 

Read about Scott and Dad at Stoney by clicking here

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An Evening at the theatre

First evening off in a while for Lisa as I took her to see the RSC in London performing A Midsommer Nights Dream at the Novello theatre. (formally the Strand Theatre).  We went with some of my friends from work and their partners.  It was a really good evening.  Grandma and Granddad B kindly agreed to babysit all 4 children and arrived about 2.30pm which meant that Lisa and I could zip off to Winchester to catch the train into London.  It was a pleasant journey in which gave us both time to sort out things we needed to do for Sunday, Lisa completed her Lesson and I sorted out my talk.  When we got to Waterloo we met up with the others and went off to Theatre themed restaurant and then headed off to the theatre for the performance.  It was an excellent performance as one would expect from the RSC and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  We got back just after midnight and found Heather cuddled up to Grandma B totally relaxed, all 4 children had been really good all evening so made Lisa feel really good.  A really good night out.

Swimming Badges

Today was the last day of swimming lessons……

Emily – 10m

Elizabeth – 10m for the second time.

Scott – 50m badge


Celebratory Chocolate from the chocolate machine!!! Wahey

A Day off for Dad with a day at the temple

As it is half term & stake temple week, I took a day off work so that we could go up to the temple as a family.

But before we could do that, we needed to go to swimming lessons.  As Lisa mentioned she had managed to arrange for Emily to have a trial lesson on Tuesday which she went too and really enjoyed so Emily was booked in for the rest of the week.  So in the morning we all packed ourselves into the car and headed over to Fleming park for Scott, Elizabeth and Emily to have their swimming lessons.  It has been a while since I last saw them in their lessons and they were excellent.  Emily didn’t look out of place at all and could easily cope with the lesson and keep up with the other two in her class.  Elizabeth was excellent and looked to be really enjoying swimming on her back, she seemed very natural at it.  Whereas Scott, now in the big pool was doing all the same exercises and tasks that they do in the small pool.  This time however they do it swimming full lengths of the big pool so that they end up in the deep end, which is really boosting his confidence in the water.    All three are real water babies.

After we got back from swimming we got ourselves ready to go up to the temple, unfortunately I couldn’t remember what I had done with the recommends.  So frantic searching and an exercise of faith and we finally found them.  Ask Lisa where they were????? )   

So off we went to the temple, Reg & Jan Littlecott had volunteered to look after the children so that Lisa and I could go in.  We arrived in time to go in for 2pm and had a really good time.  It was nice to see familiar faces there and enjoy spending time with them. 

We were planning on taking some family pictures up there but unfortunately the Temple is covered in scaffolding at the moment as they are cleaning the outside.  

After we got back we decided that dinner was in order and headed off to the Lutzborough, which has become Lisa’s local!! All the kids did really well with their food with both Scott and Elizabeth being quite adventurous with their food, Scott had chilli prawns and Elizabeth had Salmon.   All right for some eh……

So that was our day, Maybe Lisa will write something about valentines day as she organised it this year and it was excellent. 

Back to work tomorrow……

First day of half-term

We have had a fun day, Starting with swimming lessons for Elizabeth and Scott, they apparently don’t do lessons for 3 year olds during the holidays, but I thought no harm in asking, since the class was so empty. And they agreed to give Emily a trial lesson tomorrow, hooray for assertive mum. Scott did very well in the big pool, jumping into the deep end with no floats which is a big step, he is still wearing his shortie wetsuit to stop him from getting cold and adding a bit more bouyancy. Elizabeth is really progressing with her crawl, and loves to go under water. Emily went and had a play in the new creche, which she enjoed.

We then went to the cinema to see Chicken Little, via the garage for cheaper snacks. The movie was good, better than I thought it would be. The girls are still a bit nervous of the whole cinema setting, very dark and loud, and although he wouldn’t admit it, Scott is not 100% comfortable. The treats helped. After lunch we did a drawer and bedroom tidy up, we had our student Sarah over who helped with the girl’s room. Then after some telly I took the older 3 around the block for a walk, we did eye spy and just generally blew the cobwebs away. They start bickering if they are in too long. We then made cards for Ben and Jess upfold who are ill, and Andrea Siswick as it is her birthday tommorrow, lots of glitter!

 Family home evening consisted of writing a letter to Elder Sam, reviewing what behaviour Mummy does like and what behaviour she doesnt, and of course the sunbeam song, plus the popcorn song, tribute to the cinema outing. They were good at going to bed. Although Heather didnt go down until ten! But we did enjoy watching the winter olympic ice-skating together and having a nice cuddle.

Bowling day!

We didn’t have any plans for today, Saturday, (besides ballet and mummy’s spinning class) so we wanted to do something fun with the kids. The choices were cinema, ice-skating, or swimming. The kids are all a bit snuffily so we decided against swimming, the ice- skating we were told was very busy, so not the best time to take the kids for their first time, and the cinema is something we don’t really need dad to be with us at. So plan b..bowling, and it was so much fun. The girls used the ramp, but good ol’ Scott had a go doing it with out, skillfully using the bumpers. Elizabeth had great technique, first choose any ball that is pink, size and weight not mattering, lob it down the ramp and jump up and down furiously until it knocks down the pins, then strut back with a smug expression when you get the first spare ( well first nine). Scott took it quite seriuosly apllying mathamatical technique and coaching mummy on how to best udaddy only put this on because he won, note; only justse the bumpers….which won her the first strike of the game( without use of bumpers ..hooray). Emily enjoyed the bowling but liked the fact that we had treated them to fizzy lemonade,better, finishing hers and mummy’s and daddy’s. Daddy was pretty rubbish compared to mummy who was excellent, oh I wonder who the author of this piece is, but he did manage to get one strike in, nearly slipping a disc in celebrating it,oh those bowling floors are slippy, hee hee.

The kids also enjoyed having a go on the dance machine,  they worked the system each standing on a square and jumping wildly, there was no way they could miss, very funny. A fun family day, and the start of a fun half term , we hope, i’ll let you know how it goes.TTFN

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