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Scotts First day at School

Wednesday 8th September 2004
Well today has been a very special day.  Today was Scott’s first day at Halterworth school.  Not only was it Scott’s first day at school but it was also Elizabeth’s first day at Ampfield pre-school.  She has already had two days at Chatterbox pre-school this week.  And not only that but Elizabeth also had her first Ballet lesson. 
It all started this morning when the children all got ready and got into the car to take Elizabeth off to Ampfield.  While she was there, Scott’s friend Darcy and her little sister came over to play with Scott and Emily.  Emily has been suffering with Chicken Pox (or chicken spots) just recently, she caught it after both Scott and Elizabeth had it in the last three weeks.  Unfortunately for Emily she has really suffered with it, lots of spots everywhere, poor little thing.  But she is starting to feel better and so was ready to play today.  After a bit of playtime it was time to go and pick Elizabeth up and quickly get some lunch before getting  ready for Scott to go off to school.  He phoned Daddy to say he was off to school and then off he went walking up to school with Mummy, Elizabeth and Emily.  You can see the pictures by clicking here.  After getting to school, Scott went in and he was very happy to be finally going to school since he has been talking about it all summer.  The girls played in the paddling pool while he was there. We picked Scott up at 3.20, he said he’d had a great time, and was pleased that his buddy Adam was there.
But the day wasn’t over then, it was quickly back to the house and into the car to take Elizabeth to her first ballet lesson.  She really enjoyed that, this evening she showed Daddy what she had been practising by standing on her tip toes and straightening her toes.  Very elegant. 
So what a busy day.  Hope you all enjoy looking at our pictures.