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Saturday 3rd July 2004

Today is Elizabeth’s 3rd Birthday and she had a party at the chapel.  It was the social event of the toddler group calendar according to some!!  Elizabeth woke up very early this morning asking if it was time for her party yet, she had been waiting very patiently for the time to come.  She had to be told, after lunchtime, but she was very good.  So in the morning she had her presents from Scott & Emily and Mummy & Daddy and also from Grandma & Granddad C.  She really liked them all, especially the Barbie scooter from Grandma & Granddad C.   She kept asking, am I 3 now, she was very excited to be 3 years old.  Uncle David arrived that morning as he was on his way from Scotland to a sailing trip off the south coast which meant he was here for her birthday.  Just after lunch Grandma and Granddad B arrived ready to go to the party.  They bought her some new dressing up clothes which she loved as Mummy & Daddy had bought her a dressing table.  What a lucky girl.  Then it was time for the party.  Mummy & Daddy had hired a bouncy castle/ball pool for her party and also all the young women from church arrived to do party games, balloon animals and face painting.  The children all loved it.  Some of the pictures are in the gallery on the website or click here to go direct

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