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Bikes & Trailers

Sunday 30th May 2004
Last Sunday was Aunty Lindsay’s birthday and so this week we all went over to her house for  a BBQ.  They have a new house with beds just for Scott & Elizabeth.  Emily sleeps in her travel cot although she is now getting to be a big girl now and will soon be having her own bed, but not just yet.
This week Mummy and Daddy went to the Royal Albert Hall to see Sting in concert; they said they had a really good time.  Mummy had a photo shoot with a photography agent, but they were rubbish and made a real mess of the pictures.  Shame but they had fun in London. 
Also this week Daddy fixed the new bikes and we got a new bike trailer so that Mummy or Daddy can tow the girls along in it.   Scott also got a new big bike so that he can keep up with all his friends now as he is too big for his little bike.  He has started riding his little bike with no stabilisers.  How clever is that!!!!  So we all went for a bike ride into Romsey with our new bikes.  It was really good fun.  Elizabeth fell asleep in the trailer, although Emily was a little pickle towards the end, she would keep poking her head out of the trailer to see what was going on!!! A lot of people stopped and looked as they had not seen one of our trailers before

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