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Father & Son Camp

Sunday 16th May 2004
This weekend Scotty and Daddy went camping on the fathers and son camp.  They took their tent and camping stove and had a great time.  Scott was very good and stayed up late playing football and cooking with Daddy.  He was so tired that he didn’t get up till 9.30am and nearly missed breakfast he was that late.   We have put lots of pictures of us camping in the Gallery.  After Daddy and Scott got back from camping it was into the car to go up to the temple.  That was really nice to go to the temple again.  We children were very good as Nikki looked after us.  So it was a late night when we all got back.  Also this week Daddy and Mummy got some new bikes so that we can all go cycling.  Daddy has to fix them first as he got them from a friend. 

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