Welcome to our world

Sunday 9th May 2004.
Another busy day!  Mummy went off to a meeting early this morning and so we all went to Church with Daddy.  Leah made our breakfast as she has been over with us for the weekend because she was baby-sitting us on Friday and Saturday night.  Mummy and Daddy have been dirty stop outs for the last two nights.  On Saturday evening they went to the cinema and they saw a new Dracula movie called Van Helsing, ooooo Scary!! But on Friday evening they went out to a skittles evening with some of our friends parents.  They didn’t have a great night though because Mummy wasn’t feeling very well and Daddy ended up taking her to the Accident and Emergency to make sure she is alright.  It is her tummy that is hurting again so they said she needs to go to the doctors again.  She has been a lot better since, we think she is eating too much chocolate and ice cream!! We’ll eat it for you Mummy we keep saying, but she doesn’t want us too.
We also went to town on Saturday and played with Kelsy Gilmore aswell, which was a lot of fun.  Today we played outside when we got back from Church as it was sunny until it rained just before dinner.  Mummy and Daddy sat on our bench outside the house to keep an eye on us, but I think Mummy sneaked off to have a nap and we saw Daddy nodding off on the bench, that’s not looking after us is it!!!!!

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