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Back to Work

Tuesday 4th May 2004
It is now back to normal after our holiday and so that means, Daddy back to work, Mummy back to constant work and the children back to school and toddler group.  It has also just been a bank holiday which meant Daddy was off for an extra day but we think he would have rather been at work because Mummy made him do all the jobs that he hadn’t finished off.  He had to put in all the kickboards & skirting boards in the kitchen because he hadn’t done so when he put the new floor in.  Not only that Mummy made him put up all towel rails, bathroom shelves and toothbrush & toilet roll holders that he said he would do but hadn’t done for over a year.  Mummy was the winner because Daddy did it all. But just to let you know mummy worked just as hard, repainting both bathrooms and do all the weeding in the front garden, not to mention motivating!!     Also we got to go to Krazy Kingdom which is a children’s play centre, it was raining so we couldn’t go to Moor Valley Country Park. 
On Saturday we all went into Southampton to buy Daddy a new suit after Mummy had finished at her aerobics.  We had a lot of fun in the shop, the shop assistants couldn’t keep up with us, Emily was a little grouchy, she doesn’t like shopping, but Elizabeth does.  We met up with Aunty Andrea and Jess while we were in town and so we all went to McDonalds for lunch. While mummy had some retail therapy in primark, buy a number of things, which included a size 8 !!! skirt.
  On Sunday we went to church and then to Uncle Ian’s for lunch but Daddy was very late getting back from Church so it was actually dinner time by the time we got there.  Uncle Ian then came back to our house and watched a DVD with Mummy and Daddy while we all went to bed. 

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