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Ugly Bug Ball

Sunday 21st March 2004
We have had another busy week, Daddy is still learning on his Scuba Diving course which is taking up his free evenings, so we are only getting to update this on Sunday at the moment. 
Today is Mother’s day and so the children had cards and flowers at the ready for Mummy this morning to wish her Happy Mother’s Day.  Also they made her breakfast of Melon and Orange Juice.  Her main present she had had the day before when Daddy worked all day to lay the new flooring in the kitchen.  Looks very good now says Mummy. 
Scott has been entertaining us with his new song, the Ugly Bug Ball which he debuted at the hospital entertaining Aunty Lindsay.  He has also performed it for camera and at the Siswicks.  Mummy can’t help show him off and thankfully he doesn’t get too embarrassed, just yet anyway. The video clip is available for download as an mp4 clip.  Elizabeth has also been joining in copying his actions and Emily is now learning Wind the Bobbin Up. 
We have been trying to stop Elizabeth from whining so much at the moment.  She has admitted that she pretends as she has been teaching Mummy how to whine.  It is very funny to watch. 
Scott has learned how to do buttons this week, so he can now do up and undo his shirt buttons etc..   there’s no stopping him now!!!
Anyway that is our short update for this week.  More next week….

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