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Sunday 14th March 2004

Oh dear we have been very slack in writing in our diary, already nearly half of the month has gone by and we haven’t written up our diary.
Today has been a busy day, Mummy had to go to her meeting this morning before Church which meant Daddy had to get the children ready for Church.  This is the first time Mummy let him chose their clothes.  He didn’t do too badly.  At least they were all wearing their own clothes. Mostly!!! Well Emily was wearing Elizabeth’s top and Elizabeth was wearing Emily’s dress but you couldn’t tell!!!
After Church Nikki and her Mum came for Dinner and we all played for the afternoon.  In the evening Daddy and Scott went over to see Aunty Lindsay and Uncle Gary. 
Yesterday we went to the temple on the ward temple day.  We had a very fun day; Leah Gilmore looked after the children while Mummy and Daddy went inside.  Afterwards we all went for a walk around the grounds and took some pictures;  It was very nice to be at the temple or the “castle” as Scott used to call it when he was little. 
It’s Daddy’s fault why we haven’t written in our diary more this month. He has just started an evening course to learn how to Scuba Dive.  He has got to catch up with Mummy who has been diving for years and years and years with her Dad and sisters.  It looks like Scott though is ready to learn aswell, he tried on Aunty Kirsty’s old wetsuit and was pretending to Scuba Dive.  Hey Granddad C we think you will have to take him when he is old enough. 
Mummy had a very busy start to the month, when she had to deal with a funeral of one of the sisters in the ward.  It all went well and there were no problems.  This is the sort of thing that a relief society president has to deal with.  Just a bit soon for her to have to deal with ed!

Elizabeth went to her introduction day last week at Chatterbox.  She really enjoyed the fact that it was for her and not Scott.  She really had a good time there and can’t wait to start in September.  Meanwhile Scott has been on the party scene; first it was Darcy’s party, (very important that he attend that one) and then Daniel’s and there are more parties coming up  The guy has a very busy social calendar. 
Emily is still struggling with her new teeth coming through.  They are not all through yet but they are getting there… hopefully soon.

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