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A week in February

Sunday 8th February 2004
Busy day for Mummy today, she had to go off to church early this morning as she had a meeting this time.  Daddy got to stay at home and get the children ready. Then the Whitehouse’s came over for dinner and playing, they were busy talking with Mummy and Daddy but the children played with Eddie, and they loved it.  


Saturday 7th February 2004
We all went to Serendipities today as we are known to do on a Saturday.  We have put some pictures in the website gallery of our day there. After we got back from Serendipities we decided to go for dinner at The Harvester so we called Uncle Gary and Aunty Lindsay and asked them to come along.  Look at Elizabeth’s ice cream and Emily helping Daddy maintain a nutritious diet by feeding him peas!!!

Friday 6th February 2004,
Mummy had her first Usbourne Book party, it was a good but not a fantastic start, I don’t think Daddy can quit his job just yet. 
Thursday 7th February 2004,
Today we all met Uncle Christopher’s girlfriend Kim who arrived back from Cyprus, Daddy went to pick her up from the airport, She stayed with us for the night until she went with Grandma B back down to Grandma’s house.  It was nice to meet her. 
Wednesday 4th February 2004
Today we met up with Mummy’s friend Kelly and we all went swimming at The Quays in Southampton and we also bumped into Ben and Jessica with their mum and dad aswell. Emily enjoyed being in her own armbands for the first time being able to have a good ole splash around.  
Tuesday 3rd February 2004
Today Scott has been moved into the advanced group in his swimming class as he is getting more and more confident. 

Emily’s first birthday

Monday 2nd February 2004
Today is Emily’s birthday she is now a big grown up 1 year old.  The day started with us all gathering for breakfast and giving Emily her birthday presents from Scott and Elizabeth.  Then we sent Daddy off to work and Scott off to Chatterbox and then we all went to baby-group.  Lots of playtime and fun but hard work for Mummy.  In the afternoon Emily had some of her friends over for her birthday party and between the five under-ones and 3 over-twos they completely trashed the place.  But they did have a lot of fun doing it.  Loads of mess is the mark of a good party.  To view the pictures click on this link here

Callings & Parties

Sunday 1st February 2004

Today has been a “busy day Daddy” as Elizabeth would say, but an exciting one.  Lisa was called and set apart as the Relief Society President so she is going to be very busy.  Also all the family came around for a birthday party for Emily who is 1 year old tomorrow.   Already she is one!!!!  Grandma C, Grandma and Granddad B, Uncle David, Uncle Gary and Aunty Lindsay all came round.  Aunty Kirsty didn’t want to come up.  We all had a lovely time; Emily enjoyed opening her presents with a little help from the other two.  We had some party food and the children played with their toys and entertained everyone, they were very good all day.  Emily did try and blow out her candle using her finger but Scott blew it out before she did any real harm!!!! We even spoke to Uncle Christopher in Cyprus.