Welcome to our world

Saturday 31st January 2004
On Friday we had a surprise visitor in that Grandma B turned up at the house, turned out she had been staying with Aunty Lindsay and Uncle Gary for a few days as Aunty Lindsay had not been very well.  The children were so tired though from a lot of playing that they could hardly keep their eyes open to say hello before they flaked out to bed, although Emily did get a second wind and came back downstairs for a bit to play before going off to bed again.
Also Nikki stayed with us overnight as she babysat all the children while Mummy and Daddy went to the temple on Saturday morning.  While at the temple Nikki took all three to serendipities and McDonalds, I think Scott and Elizabeth talked her into that.  When we came back from the temple they were excited to show us “Grandma C is here as well”.  Two surprise visitors in two days how lucky.  She had baked cookies with them while we were out.  Yummy!!

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