Welcome to our world

Thursday 29th January 2004
In the morning Mummy had to get them dressed quickly so they could play in the snow before it all melted.  Elizabeth fitted into the Age 1 snow suit that we bought for Scott when we were in America 3 years ago.  (Check his page). Although she grumbled that it wasn’t her colour i.e. Pink, I was comforted to know that she was warm. 
After playing in the snow Scott went to Chatterbox and Elizabeth and Emily went to toddler group.  My first aid course was cancelled so she couldn’t go to that so we all went to toddler group.
When all the children had gone to bed, a few YSA girls came over for DVD and pizza.  We all enjoyed giving each other pedicures and chatting away.  We sent Mark up to his bedroom to surf on the internet!!!!

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