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Saturday 31st January 2004
On Friday we had a surprise visitor in that Grandma B turned up at the house, turned out she had been staying with Aunty Lindsay and Uncle Gary for a few days as Aunty Lindsay had not been very well.  The children were so tired though from a lot of playing that they could hardly keep their eyes open to say hello before they flaked out to bed, although Emily did get a second wind and came back downstairs for a bit to play before going off to bed again.
Also Nikki stayed with us overnight as she babysat all the children while Mummy and Daddy went to the temple on Saturday morning.  While at the temple Nikki took all three to serendipities and McDonalds, I think Scott and Elizabeth talked her into that.  When we came back from the temple they were excited to show us “Grandma C is here as well”.  Two surprise visitors in two days how lucky.  She had baked cookies with them while we were out.  Yummy!!

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

Thursday 29th January 2004
In the morning Mummy had to get them dressed quickly so they could play in the snow before it all melted.  Elizabeth fitted into the Age 1 snow suit that we bought for Scott when we were in America 3 years ago.  (Check his page). Although she grumbled that it wasn’t her colour i.e. Pink, I was comforted to know that she was warm. 
After playing in the snow Scott went to Chatterbox and Elizabeth and Emily went to toddler group.  My first aid course was cancelled so she couldn’t go to that so we all went to toddler group.
When all the children had gone to bed, a few YSA girls came over for DVD and pizza.  We all enjoyed giving each other pedicures and chatting away.  We sent Mark up to his bedroom to surf on the internet!!!!

Wednesday 28th January 2004

After a blizzard of snow, well 15 minutes that brought the country to a halt, Daddy was stuck in traffic for 4 hours coming home from work in Reading, the kids looked out of the window at bedtime and noticed with awe and delight the settled snow.  Both exclaimed excitedly “…can’t wait for Father Christmas to come…”  Mummy had to explain the difference between Christmas and Winter, much to their disappointment!!!  But they were appeased by the thought of being able to play in it in the morning so they went to bed watching people making “paw prints” in the snow.  Hence short lesson on animals having paws and humans having feet, to which Scott observed that they should be called “shoe prints” and not foot prints as they were wearing shoes.  What a clever lad eh.

Tuesday 27th January 2004.
The morning started with Elizabeth pushing Daddy out of bed and sending him off to work, she wanted his space in bed.  Of course this was the one morning that Emily had slept in.  She then asked if it was time for breakfast, mummy replied no not yet, Scott isn’t even awake yet.  To which she jumped out of Mummy and Daddy’s bed, thrust open Scott’s bedroom door, and solved that problem.  The children at the moment are having very creative breakfasts.  There is no need to choose just one type of cereal when you can have them all.  Elizabeth’s favourite, Fruitabix and Shreddies, Scott’s Cheerios and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.  Emily enjoys shreddies at the moment, but only from Elizabeth’s bowl.  Mummy likes a cooked breakfast, but you can’t have everything you want in life.
Elizabeth also enjoys her mid-morning snack after dropping Scott off at Chatterbox; Hot Chocolate and Biscuits whilst watching teletubbies.  It’s a hard life for some folk! 
Scott has started swimming lessons, he is now on his third lesson and was complemented by the teacher on, not only how good he is in the water but how patient and kind he is with the other children.  There are definitely benefits to having younger siblings.  Watching him today, we can see how much he loves the water, having confidence without armbands. He went so fast on his back that the teacher could hardly catch up. 

That’s it for today….